Published works

Published works:

5 short stories in Native Speech Literary Magazine, 1986 – 1990;

The Wolf’s Howl, Short Novel, 1994;

2 short stories in SEGA Newspaper, Anthology Section, 2002 - 2004;

3 short stories (Joe the Mexican, Rodopi Triptych, The Unicorn in Captivity), 1 novelette (Bosnian Requiem - Lacrimosa ) in PLAMAK Literary Magazine, 2007-2009 (FLAME Literary Magazine – bi-monthly) – a prestigious literary edition existing for more then 80 years (founded in 1924), Chairman of the Magazine Board is also President of Bulgarian PEN Center;


Series of essays in different media;


The Unicorn in Captivity, a Volume of 18 Short Stories, published in 2007;


RAPTUS, Novel, 2009, Zachary Stoyanov Publishing House – The most popular and prestigious publishing company in Bulgaria; the novel has attracted series of positive articles/reviews/comments in literary media, mass media (incl. TV & Radio interviews );novel is nominated for the Elias Canetti National Literary Award and for Bulgarian Novel of the Year Award. The novel is translated into English. A screenplay project is being elaborated upon the novel;



1 short story published in The Word Today (Slovoto Dnes) – Official Literary Magazine of The Bulgarian Writers Union - 2009;

1 novelette (Jonathan Plays Chess – Radio-novelette from New York City) – published inLibra Literary Magazine, Sofia - 2008;

1 short story (How to Sell Romania) – published inSigns Literary Magazine – 2008;

1 short story (The Voice Of The Admiral) – published in Literary World Magazine - 2009;

1 essay published in Bulgarian P.E.N. Center’s Official Annual Volume.




2 Short Stories (The Well, The Unicorn in Captivity) translated into German;

1 Short Story (The Unicorn in Captivity) translated into French;

4 Short Stories (The Unicorn in Captivity, Joe The Mexican, The Wormy Apple Turns, Jonathan Is Playing Chess) translated into English;

1 novelette (Bosnian Requiem) translated into Russian;

Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope – 3 short stories, 1 flash fiction.