The Second Life of Michael Jackson




Screenplay Synopsis

Copyright by Svet Di-Nahum



Michael Jackson is re-born as a white baby in the small town of Crossville, Tennessee. His name is Jack Michaels.

He grows up in a middle class family. When he is 6 years old, his talent is discovered in the area of country music. He sings locally, receives many awards. When 18, he takes a Greyhound bus, leaves home, goes to Nashville and becomes a country star. He is rich and famous, but something just does not feel right.

One night he has a strange dream. He sees himself as Michael Jackson. He is haunted to death by Loop Corporation. They want to kill him because he has breached a contract with them for 200 million dollars.

Jack Michaels goes to a medicine man in Kenya, Africa. The medicine man is a neighbor of Barack Obama’s grandmother. Medicine man reveals to Jack that he is the re-born Michael Jackson.

Jack goes back to the States. His mind is divided for a while. He does not know whether he could trust the medicine man. Suddenly he sees a series of paintings of Michael Jackson in an art gallery in California. He feels attracted. Author of the paintings is Latifah Cole, a talented and beautiful young black artist. They fall in love with each other.

Latifah tells Jack that the medicine man is right. She, too, sees Michael Jackson in him.

Suddenly an agent of Loop Corporation wants to meet with Jack. The agent proposes a 200 million contract. Jack now remembers his dream. He refuses to sign the contract. Loop Corporation starts destroying his life. They corrupt his image in the press and media. They accuse him in child molesting, drug use, and alcoholism. Everything is a lie, but his public image is destroyed because of the media. Loop Corporation creates a false sex scandal. Latifah leaves him. He falls into deep depression, goes to a mental hospital.

Everything looks lost.

Suddenly, a wise and experienced doctor, D-r Liebermann, decides to save him. Doctor calls Latifah end explains the situation. Meanwhile, an honest journalist, John Moore, starts publicly defending Jack. John Moore unveils facts against Loop Corporation and the false sex scandal engineered by the corporation against Jack. Latifah sees the truth. She comes back to Jack.

Jack is released from the mental clinic. He and Latifah start a new life in a small house in Tennessee. They do not have money.

But John Moore brings a new agent for Jack. The agent is old and he is one of the first agents for Michael Jackson. His name is Patrick Masterson. Patrick offers a small contract.

Jack starts singing country music again. He gradually gets his career back.

At the end Loop Corporation tries to destroy him again. They pay a crowd to catcall Jack at a big concert. The same day media unveils the news that a medicine man in Africa says Jack Michael is Michael Jackson.

At the concert the evil plan of Loop Corporation starts working. Part of the crowd starts booing and hissing. But the major crowd already knows that this is the re-born Michael Jackson in front of them. When Jack goes on the stage, the crowd starts singing Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Jack Michaels on the stage realizes who he is finally. He starts singing the song and there is no difference between the original voice and sound and his performance. The crowd goes euphoric. World media is there. The world is watching. All the fans are happy. Michael Jackson is back. Tragedy is overcome. President of Loop Corporation is accused of ordering the death of Michael Jackson and in attempt to kill Jack Michaels. Evil powers do not succeed in their second attempt to destroy Michael Jackson. The good prevails.